Why You Should Customise Your Website

Bespoke websites are the ones which have been specifically designed from scratch, without using any existing templates or designs. In short, your bespoke web design should be 100% unique to you, just like your brand. The biggest confusion when it comes to bespoke web design is the terminology used. It’s not easy for non-technical people to understand and this can lead to a lot of unnecessary confusion. This is where having a professional SEO company involved is so valuable. Why You Never See Why You Should Customise Your Website That Actually Works Once you understand exactly what bespoke websites are, you will quickly realise that they are the only way to go. With a bespoke site, you get to choose every aspect of the design from your beginning until your end. Your website is your window to your brand, so you need to make sure it’s a website which accurately reflects your brand and functionality. This is where customisation really helps, it allows you to fully control everything which makes up your website, making it as customisable as possible. If you’re looking to create a bespoke websites, then you’ll soon realise how difficult it is to achieve this without a good understanding of CSS. Basically, CSS is the coding language which describes the way the web pages are laid out using formatting. While HTML provides the visual presentation, CSS provides the logic which makes it all work. And whilst most cms cater to a wide range of browsers, many cms also include features to cater for the smaller screen sizes. However, with a custom CSS, you can ensure that your site looks fantastic on all browsers, including mobile phones.