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Inspire Your Students to Take Sermon Notes With Your My Sermon Notebook

My Sermon Notebook

My Sermon Notebook: Beautifully Illustrated Sermon Notes Journal With 52 Weeks Of Prompted Sermon Notes Pages (2 Pages For Each Week)

The My Sermon Notebook is a great way for your children to get in on the action. They can use it to jot down important things that they need to remember as well as jot down their own personal notes so they can share them with others. The Sermon Notebook allows your children to take notes on the verses of the song they are singing or speaking so that they can refer back to them when the time comes to study the song again. This is a great way to help children develop their listening skills. Most children don’t pay attention when the teacher is talking about the verses because they have other things to do. When you give them a chance to get involved with the lessons instead, you are more likely to get them to listen and to really take notice.


The My Sermon Notebook also makes a great class license instrument because you can carry it around in class with you and everyone will have access to it at the same time. If you have more than one student reading the sermon notes and the Bible at the same time, you can give each student their own book to carry. By doing this, you can eliminate having to carry multiple books to and from the classroom. You can also use the My Sermon Notebook as a way to motivate your class by giving everyone else a copy.

The great thing about the My Sermon Notebook is that you can write down the verses as you are teaching so that you will always be able to refer back to them when you are taking sermon notes. Not only do you get to have your own personal copy to use at home, but you also get to take advantage of the many free resources available on the internet for finding additional ways to teach your children. When you give students a chance to get in on the action instead of just listening to you talk, you are more likely to inspire them to take part in the lessons.

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